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Welcome to a World of FUN With Your Pet

Pets rule... OK?

A loyal and loving pet means so much to many of us, so we have dedicated our website to the pets of this world.

Simply put, they make our lives better.

We trust that our paw-picked items will pamper your pet and make them feel extra special and bring more fun and enjoyment into everyone's lives.

On their death bed, no-one has ever wished for having had more work during their lifetime. Everyone wishes that they could have had more FUN.

Our aim is to help you maximise those fun moments with your pet(s). You'll live longer and be happier than most other people.  

Director's Personal Message:

I warmly welcome you to, hoping that here is a place where you will enjoy browsing with a smile on your face and love in your heart for your friends, family and pet(s).

To all our previous eBay customers, I express my personal gratitude and sincere thanks. Your comments and feedback have expanded our online knowledge & experience and I thank you sincerely for that.

I sincerely hope the products we list here for you bring you much joy NOW and in many years to come.


Daryl Bolland
Director Delta Star Global

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Global Pet Accessories is a subsidiary of Delta Star Global

Delta Star Global History on eBay 

Greetings. We warmly welcome your visit to our new store.

Our experience as a seller on eBay since March 2015 culminated in January 2018 with a perfect 120% score as an eBay "Top Rated Seller", a track record of which we are very proud.

We trust that this will give you great confidence with us as sellers and that this will help to build your expectation that you will be treated exceptionally well, as a buyer from our new store - "Global Pet Accessories".

This member is an eBay Top-rated seller *Consistently receives highest buyer ratings *Posts items quickly *Earned a track record of excellent service

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